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Registration has been set for September 4th & 10th, 6-8pm at the Rec Center.  
A few things to remember at Registration:
1- Please make sure your swimmer is present so they can be fitted for a swim suit. 
2- Remember to bring your cheque book, the payment schedule is on our website, if you know what level your swimmer will be in please fill out your cheques prior to registration.
Gold & Silver Swimmers - 14 Cheques (10 payments, 2 raffles & 2 fundraising)
Bronze - 11 Cheques (7 payments, 2 raffles & 2 fundraising)
RedFishBlueFish - 6 Cheques (4 payments,1 raffle & 1 fundraising)
3- Print and fill out registration form, Code of conduct form, Rowan's Law and PIPEDA form. We will have forms on hand but if you wish to be registered quickly please do this prior to and simply bring it with you on registration night.
4- You will be required to pay for the raffle tickets in advance.  Post dated cheques dated for Sept 15th and May 15th.
5- T-shirt and Hoodie orders will also take place on Registration nights.  T-shirts are included with registration however Hoodies are not.
6- Our first Tag Day(week-end) will be (TBD). There will be a sign up sheet at registration for your 1 hour commitment. This is Mandatory.
7- Red Fish Blue Fish will be capped at 8 swimmers per session. First come first serve basis.
8-Red Fish Blue Fish will participate in 1 Raffle Draw.  You will be required to buy 1 raffle book for $50.00, cheque will be collected at registration, 1 book per swimmer.  When you sell the tickets($5/ticket) you keep the money......after all, you already paid for them!
9- You will be given your swim caps at registration.  1 cap for Bronze Swimmers, 2 caps for Silver and Gold Swimmers.  Should you require any additional caps they will be for sale on deck for $10.00 each throughout the season.
10- Tag Days (1) and Swim-a-thon are MANDATORY for all swim levels.  At registration you will be required to submit a post dated cheque for May 30th in the amount of $100.00/swimmer. This is your Swim-A-Thon cheque which will be returned once your swimmer has raised a minimum of $100.00.  Families with 2 or more swimmers in Bronze, silver or Gold will have to rasie a minimum of $150.00/family. RedFishBlueFish will raise a minimum of $25/swimmer.  You will also submit a Fundraising commitment cheque $100.00. This is your FUNDRAISING commitment. Participation is required in all 3 fundraisers, your cheque will be returned to you after the last fundraiser, granted your fundraising participation has been met.  If you decide NOT to participate in fundraising then your cheque will be cashed on June 20th. 
11- Your swimmer will NOT be permitted to swim until all forms and fees have been received.

Registration documents can be downloaded from these PDF files:


Registration Form

Rowan's Law 


Code of Conduct


New swimmers are welcome throughout the season in the various swimming levels. Assessments by the coaches will ensure that the interested swimmer is placed in an appropriate level for their swimming skills. Fees for the programs will be adjusted for swimmers who join later into the normal swim season (September through to June).

For additional infomation, please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Registrar 


Robin Dillane, President


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